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As labor is the common burden of our race, so the effort of some to shift their share of the burden on the shoulders of others is the greatest durable curse of the race.”– Fragment on Slavery, circa July 1, 1854

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Deer and a Calf

[In the Chicago Times-Herald a correspondent reports an interview with Philip Clark, pioneer of Sangamon County, about AL:] “In one of his early races for Congress I heard him debate with Peter Cartwright, who was the terror of every…

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Abraham Lincoln in Depth

Abraham Lincoln’s Moods
“Lincoln was a curious – mysterious – quite an incomprehensible man,” wrote William H. Herndon shortly before he died... Read more   View more articles

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lincoln-moods President Lincoln enjoyed humor. Many Americans enjoyed making fun of the President. Some of the most recognizable cartoons were published in Harper’s Weekly, a New York City periodical ... Read more

Preston King (1806-1865)

The true issue or

“…a man of wonderful sagacity; has an excellent mind and judgment…”

Abraham Lincoln and Rhode Island

Abraham Lincoln and Rhode Island

Lincoln spent less than two days in Rhode Island. He first visited the state on February 28 and 29, 1860:

Abraham Lincoln and Music

Abraham Lincoln and Music

Music appealed to Abraham Lincolns poetic and sentimental side. On the Eighth Circuit in Illinois…

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