• 1860 Election
  • President Lincoln
  • Civil War
  • Cabinet and Patronage
  •   - [Caricature of Abraham Lincoln wearing Native American headdress, seated on throne, with seven cabinet officers]
      - Running the "machine"
      - Abe linking with his significantly named cabinet
      - Awful Consternation of the Old Party at the White House, and Sudden Appearance of Lincoln – (Chief Magician, Mr. Seward)
      - 'Mike, remove the Salmon and bring me a Tod
      - The Inside Track
      - Yankee Pancakes
      - Sinbad Lincoln and the Old Man of the Sea
      - Universal Advice to Abraham – Drop 'Em!
      - The Senatorial
      - Assault by the Press Gang
      - A Frightful Case of Inflation
      - Grand Distribution of Government Pap
      - Gulliver Abe, in the White House, Attacked by the Lilliputian Office-Seekers
      - The ‘Ins’ and the ‘Outs’
      - Alarming Appearance of the Winnebago Chief
      - Old Abe Invokes the Spirit of St. Patrick
      - A Job for the New Cabinet Maker
      - House-Clearing at Washington
      - Mr. Whippletrot's Plum Pudding
      - Our Administration and No Intervention
      - To the Victors Belong the Spoils
      - The Ingratitude of the Republic-ans
      - Running the machine
  • Emancipation and Slavery
  • Black Soldiers
  • New York City
  • The Press
  • 1864 Election
  • Assassination & Funeral
  • Secession
  • Foreign Policy
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    Cartoon Corner
    Old Abe Invokes the Spirit of St. Patrick

    Old Abe Invokes the Spirit of St. Patrick

    Title: Old Abe Invokes the Spirit of St. Patrick

    Year: 1861

    Creator: Phunny Phellow

    Description: President Lincoln sits on a chair while snakes crawl around his limbs and frogs jump at his feat. He asks an angelic St. Patrick to help him be relieved of these reptilian office-seekers.

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