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FROGS’ LEGSLincoln Reading
A fellow who lived out of town, on the bank of a large marsh, conceived a big idea in the money-making line. He took it to a prominent merchant, and began to develop his plans and specifications. “There are at least ten million frogs in that marsh near me, an’ I’ll just arrest a couple of carloads of them and hand them over to you. You can send them to the big cities and make lots of money for both of us. Frogs’ legs are great delicacies in the big towns, an’ not very plentiful. It won’t take me mor’n two or three days to pick ’em. They make so much noise my family can’t sleep, and by this deal I’ll get rid of a nuisance and gather in some cash.”

“The merchant agreed to the proposition, promised the fellow he would pay him well for the two carloads. Two days passed, then three, and finally two weeks were gone before the fellow showed up again, carrying a small basket. He looked weary and “done up,” and he wasn’t talkative a bit. He threw the basket on the counter with the remark, ‘There’s your frogs.”

“You haven’t two carloads in that basket, have you?” inquired the merchant.

“No,” was the reply,” and there ain’t no carloads in all this blasted world.”

“I thought you said there were at least ten millions of ’em in that marsh near you, according to the noise they made,’ observed the merchant. “You people couldn’t sleep because of ’em.”

“Well,” said the fellow,”accordin” to the noise they made, there was, I thought, a hundred million of ’em, but when I had waded and swum that there marsha day and night fer two blessed weeks, I couldn’t harvest but six. There’s two or three left yet, an’ the marsh is as noisy as it uster be. We haven’t catched up on any of our lost sleep yet. Now, you can have these here six, an’ I won’t charge you a cent fer ’em.

“You can see by this little yarn,” remarked the President “that these boisterous people [deluging him with advice] make too much noise in proportion to their numbers.”

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