Slow & steady wins the race

Slow & steady wins the race


Title: Slow & steady wins the race

Year: 1864

Description: Another variation on McClellan trying to straddle two horses. (See “Little Mac’s Double Feat of Equitation,” no. 1864-25.) The artist here predicts the victory of incumbent President Abraham Lincoln over his rival George B. McClellan. Lincoln (left) rides off on a horse “Slow and Steady,” the “Union Roadster,” carrying a flag “Union, the Government, Laws.” As he looks back at his competitor, he declares, “This reminds me of a story I once heard out West.” McClellan stands with one foot on “Mac’s War-Horse,” and the other on “The Peace Donkey, Fawn & Cringe.” The latter carries a bag “Rebel War Debt” overflowing with notes or receipts. “Mac’s War-Horse” refers to his military record, while “The Peace Donkey” represents his tacit acceptance of the Democrats’ “peace at any price plank.” He brags to his running mate Ohio congressman George H. Pendleton, “I’ve seen many a Clown ride two horses that never saw West-Point.” Pendleton, dressed in a jester’s costume and here called “The Ohio Clown,” cracks a whip at “The Peace Donkey,” entreating, “Go on, you ugly beast!” In his other hand, he holds a scroll of paper reading “Peace! Peace! Anything for Peace.” At far left, a Jewish man in a carriage watches, saying, “By mine Faders Abraham, Isaac and Jacobs I peleif de Old Abe will win!”