I am glad, I am out of the scrape

I am glad, I am out of the scrape

Title: I am glad, I am out of the scrape

Year: 1861

Creator: Carl Anton

Description: An optimistic Unionist boast, issued early in Lincoln’s presidency, predicting the summary defeat of the Confederacy.
Abraham Lincoln (at left) stands over the shield of the United States and a bald eagle, and fends off the sword of a bewhiskered secessionist.
To the far left Lincoln’s predecessor James Buchanan flees, saying, “I am glad I am out of the scrape!” He wears horns and has the words “Something rotten in Denmark” written on his clothing.
Lincoln declares, “Just in time!”
The secessionist wears a large-brimmed planter’s hat, and has a pistol in his belt. He says, “Now or never” as his troops retreat into the background.
Behind him federal troops under Union commander Winfield Scott approach. Scott says, “This is the way we serve all Traitors!”
His lead soldier, holding up a noose, responds, “I am ready!”
Behind are more Union troops, and a gallows. A domed building, possibly the Capitol at Washington, appears in the distance at left.

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