Lincoln’s Student Comparison Assignments

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Student Comparison Assignments

Mr. Lincoln’s White House – Cabinet
Friends – Cabinet

Compare and contrast Mr. Lincoln’s professional and personal relationships with two of his Cabinet members:

  • William H. Seward and Salmon P. Chase
  • Edwin M. Stanton and Montgomery Blair
  • Simon Cameron and Smith

Friends – Preachers
Mr. Lincoln’s White House – Notable Visitors

Compare and contrast these members of the clergy and their relations with the Lincoln Administration:

  • Archbishop Hughes and Henry Ward Beecher
  • Phineas Gurley and Henry Bellows
  • Matthew Simpson and James Jacques
  • Peter Cartwright and James Smith

Mr. Lincoln’s White House – Generals
Mr. Lincoln and Friends – Officers

Compare and contrast President Lincoln’s relationships with two of his generals or admirals:

  • Ulysses S. Grant and George B. McClellan
  • Horace Porter and John Dahlgren
  • Benjamin Butler and John McClernand
  • Joseph Hooker and George Meade
  • Henry W. Halleck and Winfield Scott

Mr. Lincoln’s White House – Notable Visitors
Mr. Lincoln and New York – Editors
Mr. Lincoln and Friends – Journalists

Compare and contrast one pair of these New York editors and their relationships with the Lincoln Administration:

  • Horace Greeley with Henry J. Raymond
  • James Gordon Bennett and William Cullen Bryant
  • Manton Marble and Benjamin Wood
  • John Bigelow and James Watson Webb

Mr. Lincoln’s White House – Staff
Compare and contrast these presidential staffers and their relations to the Lincoln Family:

  • Elizabeth Keckley and Rebecca Pomroy
  • Benjamin French and William S. Wood
  • William O. Stoddard and Edward Duffield Neill

Mr. Lincoln’s White House – Congress
Mr. Lincoln and Freedom – Lincoln-Douglas Debates

Compare the relationship between Abraham Lincoln and Stephen A. Douglas in the Lincoln-Douglas debates to their relationships in the weeks after Fort Sumter:

Mr. Lincoln’s White House – Family
Friends – Sons

Compare and contrast the relationship between Mr. Lincoln and his oldest son, Robert Todd Lincoln, and his surrogate son, John Hay.