The Perilous Voyage to the White House

The Perilous Voyage to the White House


Title: The Perilous Voyage to the White House

Year: 1860


Description: Abraham Lincoln leans out on a pole, trying to reach across the Salt River to the White House on the opposite bank – with a black man just behind him on the pole, saying:”Guy Massa Lincoln if dey get us off I spose you know whar we am gwine to.” They “they is the three opposing candidates for President, who stand on the bank wielding poles labeled “Bell votes”, “Douglas votes” and Breckinridge votes” as they try to push Mr. Lincoln off balance.” President James Buchanan looks on from the far bank with some belongings in a bag over his shoulder. The cartoon’s caption reads; “Uncle Abe, attacked by Squatter-Sovereign Douglas, Nix-com-arouse Breckinridge and Old-Fogy-Union-Womanism Bell-and-Everett, dares the perils of the Salt River, expecting to win the White House in the distance. P’rhaps he will get it – p’rhaps he won’t. The intelligent reader will perceive J.B. in the distance preparing to absquatulate.”