Manager Lincoln

Manager Lincoln


Title: Manager Lincoln

Year: 1863

Creator: Frank Bellew, Harpers Weekly

Description: Abraham Lincoln standing on stage addressing a theater audience, hands clasped with a shadow to each side. The Copperheads were constantly looking for ways to undermine support for the war effort and for Lincoln’s presidency. They cited the losses of the Army of the Potomac, the repulse at Vicksburg, the loss of the Harriet Lane, and the Alabama’s exploits as evidence that the war was going to be lost and peace should be sought.

“Ladies and gentlemen, I regret to say that the Tragedy, entitled The Army of the Potamac, has been withdrawn on account of Quarrels among the leading Performers, and I have substituted three new and striking Farces or Burlesques, one, entitled The Repulse at Vicksburg, by the well-known, popular favorite, E. M. Stanton, Esq. and the others, The Loss of the Harriet Lane and The Exploits of the Alabama – a very sweet thing in Farces, I assure you – by the Veteran Composer, Gideon Welles.” (Unbounded Applause by the Copperheads.)