Schoolmaster Abroad

Schoolmaster Abroad

Title: Schoolmaster Abroad

Year: 1861

Creator: John H. Goater

Description: Lincoln appears at the Secession pool, where some of his pupils are playing truant, and setting a bad example for the others. E promises to forgive them if they will try to do better in the future. The urchin representing South Carolina evidently awaits special attention from the schoolmaster. His palmetto flag and soldier’s hat lie on the ground.”

Lilly: Abraham Lincoln: Come, Boys! they are all waiting for you—- You have staid THERE long enough! I will forgive you this time if you will try to do better in the future. Only think what a bad example you show the other boys!
South-Carolina: You let me alone! I will play in the mud if I like.
1st State:Well, we’ve been playing hooky enough; I guess I’ll go back! 2nd State: Boys, he is after us! I’ll reconsider!
3rd State: If that’s UNCLE “Abe”, I’ll put my trowsers right straight on again.
Virginia: Boys, he is after us! I reckon I’ll reconsider!

In March 1861, T.W. Strong published the cartoon entitled “‘The Schoolmaster Abroad’ At Last.” This cartoon depicts Abraham Lincoln as a resolute schoolmaster scolding a group of children who have separated from the rest of their peers. The separated children, representing the recently seceded Southern states, are depicted as bratty and dirty. The majority of children, representing the remaining states in the Union, are in the background looking happy and playful. Lincoln’s association with education in this picture is particularly interesting because he had very little formal education. However, his role as a disciplinarian in this cartoon can be regarded as evidence of Northern sentiment demanding him to act as a staunch disciplinarian of the rebel states.