Daily Story General Mcclellan and Peninsula Campaign

General Mcclellan and Peninsula Campaign

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Well, Bap [McNabb] had a very splendid Red Rooster and he with others was entered. Well, the eventful day arrived, and Bap with his little beauty was there in all his splendor. The [crowd] arrives and into the ring they toss their chickens, Bap’s with the rest, but no sooner had the little beauty discovered what was to be done, he dropped his tail and run. Bap, being very much disappointed picked him up and went home, losing his quarter and dishonored chicken. And as soon as he got home he tossed his pet down in the yard on this own dung-hill– The little fellow then stoop up and flirted out his beautiful feathers and crowded, as brave as a lion. Bap viewed closely and remarked: ‘Yes you dam little cuss! you are great on a parade, but you are not worth a dam in a fight. It is said that Mr. L. remarked to a friend soon after McClellan’s fizzle before Richmond, that Little McClellan reminded him of Bap McNabb’s rooster.

Letter from Abner Y. Ellis, February 1, 1866 to William Herndon
Emanuel Hertz, Anecdotes by & about Abraham Lincoln, p. 56.