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“You know how that Illinois farmer managed the big log that lay in the middle of his field? To the inquiries of his neighbors one Sunday he announced that he had got rid of the big log. “Got rid of it!” said they. “How did you do it? It was too big to haul out, too knotty to split, and too wet and soggy to burn. What did you do?” “Well, now, boys,” replied the farmer, “if you won’t divulge the secret, I’ll tell you how I got rid of it. I plowed around it.” Now,” said Lincoln, ‘don’t tell anybody, but that is the way I got rid of Governor—-, I plowed around him, but it took me three mortal hours to do it, and I was afraid every minute he would see what I was at.”

James B. Fry, in Allen Thorndike Rice, Reminiscences of Lincoln, p. 400