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Settling DebtsLincoln Reading
“In one of our large towns in Illinois a new hotel was opened and many people were invited to a banquet. One guest ate ravenously and after went to the landlord and told him he had received no invitation, neither had he any money to pay for his food, but had entered and eaten because he was hungry and would feel that the debt was satisfied if the landlord would kick him out. Now, White, I promised you that La Fayette appointment, I admit it. Just before I left Springfield an old friend came to see me and I asked him if I could do anything for him, but he said there was no office he wanted. Well, the other day this good old friend of mine came on, and of course was my guest, and before he left he asked me for the La Fayette post-office for a friend, and I had to give it to him. Now if you will kick me out of the door and go quits I shall feel greatly obliged to you.”

Carl Sandburg, Abraham Lincoln, War Years, Volume I, p. 375-76.