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Dredd Scott
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Property is the fruit of labor – property is desirable – is a positive good in the world.”– Reply to New York Workingmen’s Democratic Republican Association, March 21, 1864

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[During a Cabinet discussion of a ticklish international problem, he reminisces about peddling wares along the way as the family moved from Indiana to Illinois in 1829, Mr. Lincoln said:] ‘Just before we left Indiana and crossed into Illinois,’…

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Abraham Lincoln in Depth

Abraham Lincoln’s Moods
“Lincoln was a curious – mysterious – quite an incomprehensible man,” wrote William H. Herndon shortly before he died... Read more   View more articles

Cartoon Corner

lincoln-moods President Lincoln enjoyed humor. Many Americans enjoyed making fun of the President. Some of the most recognizable cartoons were published in Harper’s Weekly, a New York City periodical ... Read more

Pre-Inaugural Visit to New York - Buffalo

Pre-Inaugural Visit to New York – Buffalo, February 16, 1861

“The closer Lincoln’s train came to Buffalo, the denser grew the crowds”

Abraham Lincolns Contemporaries: Henry W. Halleck

Abraham Lincolns Contemporaries: Henry W. Halleck

Henry W. Halleck was well trained by a West Point education and 15 years active service as an army.

Erastus Corning (1794-1872)

Erastus Corning (1794-1872)

Corning was a Democrat, but he was first and foremost a businessman first in iron manufacturing, then banking and later in railroads.

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