The Old Woman in Trouble

The Old Woman in Trouble

Title: The Old Woman in Trouble

Year: 1861

Creator: Bunker

Description: There was an old woman as I have heard tell, She went to Washington her wooden nutmegs to sell; But in going to market, as I have heard say, She fell into a dose upon market-day. There came a sly pedlar, Jeff Davis the stout, He cut her Southern skirts all round about – He cut off her petticoats up to her knees, Until the poor lady began for to freeze. And when this poor lady began to awake. She found Southern Shiverly had made her shake; He kneees ‘gan to tremble, and she ‘gan to cry, “Marcy Sakes! Uncle Sammy, this cannot be I.” If it be not I, as I suppose it be, There’s John Bull, the dog, and he knows me – And there’s a fine rooster, the gallic Shanghai – I’ll go to those creatures,’ said she with a sigh. “And if it be I – dog will waggle its tail, but if it be not I, he will bark without fail; And the fine Gallic Shanghai will crow with delight, If I should be I – but if not, he will fight.” Up jumped the old woman, all in the dark, ] The shanghai crowed fiercely, the dog it did bark – And then the poor lady began for to cry, ‘Marcy sakes! I’m afraid that it really isn’t I.”

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