‘Mike, remove the Salmon and bring me a Tod

‘Mike, remove the Salmon and bring me a Tod


Title: ‘Mike, remove the Salmon and bring me a Tod

Year: 1864

Creator: Frank Bellew, Harpers Weekly

Description: At the end of June 1864, persistent conflicts between President Lincoln and Secretary of the Treasury Salmon P. Chase came to a head. President Lincoln needed to replace the assistant secretary of the Treasury in New York with an appointee acceptable to top Republican office-holders. When the issue hit an impasse, Chase ‘s resignation was unexpectedly accepted by the President, who named former Ohio Governor David Tod to the post. Tod declined and Maine Senator William P. Fessenden was appointed in his stead.

In the cartoon, President Lincoln says to a White House steward: “Mike, removed the Salmon and bring me a Tod.” The steward responds: “The Tod’s out; but can’t I fitch something else, Sir?”

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