Et Tu Greeley

Et Tu Greeley


Year: 1860

Title: Et Tu Greeley

Creator: Bunker

Description: The recent Republican national convention is portrayed as the murder of Julius Caesar by his friends in the Roman Senate. Frontrunner William H. Seward is knifed and betrayed by former friend Horace Greeley, editor of the Herald Tribune. Greeley attended the convention as an Oregon delegate and promoted the candidacy of Missourian Edward Bates, who was also supported by members of the Blair family, portrayed as Casca. Greeley was unsuccessful in promoting Bates but successful in defeating Seward. New York Times editor Henry J. Raymond, portrayed as Marc Antony, bitterly blamed Greeley for Seward’s loss. Gettysburg: Seward is portrayed as Ceasar who has just been stabbed and murdered by Greeley, portraying Brutus. Others included Raymond as Marc Antony, and Blair as Casca. To gain the presidency, many prominent Republicans withdrew their support from Seward in an attempt to support a more moderate nominee in Lincoln. They believed Seward would not win crucial states in the lower North like Pennsylvania and Ohio, whereas Lincoln was more accessible to these important states Shaw, p. 55: “Another of the cartoons appearing immediately after the Chicago convention that charged Horace Greeley with bringing about Seward’s defeat. Henry Raymond, of the New York Times, plays the role of Mark Anthony, and denounces ‘Brutus’ Greeley, ‘Casca’ Blair, and the other assassins of ‘Caesar’ Seward.”