Abraham Lincoln’s Contemporaries

Abraham Lincoln’s Contemporaries

Abraham Lincoln Makes Friends
Abraham Lincoln was a friendly man. Critical to Mr. Lincoln’s ability to forge friendships was the warm way that he… Read more
Lincoln and Salmon P. Chase
Salmon P. Chase was “dignified, able and ambitious, likewise he is the special antipathy of the New York Herald, and the… Read more
Abraham Lincoln and Black Soldiers
One of the first Union casualties of the Civil War in April 1861 was a black militiaman from Pennsylvania, Nicholas Biddle. Another early… Read more
Lincoln and Stephen A. Douglas
A hero requires a worthy antagonist. Stephen A. Douglas was that antagonist for Abraham Lincoln in… Read more
President Lincoln’s Cabinet
Abraham Lincoln was “psychologically astute,” according to historian Doris Kearns Goodwin. He had “a first-rate emotional intelligence.” As President, Lincoln separated his… Read more
Abraham Lincoln, Stephen A. Douglas and Their Friend John Calhoun
“The ambitions of Stephen A. Douglas and Abraham Lincoln ran in parallel lines,” wrote Illinois historian Charles A. Church. “Each was… Read more
Abraham Lincoln and The Clergy
Abraham Lincoln’s acquaintance with preachers was close and frequent. When he first came to New Salem, Illinois, he boarded… Read more
Lincoln and Frederick Douglass
Frederick Douglass led an unusual life. Born Frederick Bailey in 1818, Frederick Douglass was never sure of… Read more
Lincoln and The Eighth Circuit
His friends believed Abraham Lincoln loved life on the Eighth Circuit. There was a simple camaraderie on the circuit that Mr. Lincoln enjoyed as he… Read more
Abraham Lincoln and Ulysses S. Grant
General Grant and President Lincoln were both pragmatists – willing to do whatever was necessary to win the war. “Better than any Civil War general, Grant recognized… Read more
Abraham Lincoln and Journalists
One day in April 1864, President Abraham Lincoln walked across the hall to the office of aide John Hay. Mr. Lincoln “picked up a paper and… Read more
Abraham Lincoln and Horace Greeley
The relationship between Horace Greeley and Abraham Lincoln was problematic long before the Illinois lawyer was elected President. Lincoln scholar Roy P. Basler wrote… Read more
Lincoln and Members of Congress
Even before Abraham Lincoln took office as President, members of Congress loomed large in President-elect Abraham Lincoln’s political… Read more
Lincoln and Henry W. Halleck
Henry W. Halleck was well trained by a West Point education and 15 years of active service in the army. He had codified his knowledge in… Read more
Lincoln and Soldiers and Sailors
Abraham Lincoln had a strong and almost mystical devotion to ordinary Americans. In his July 4, 1861 special message to Congress, Lincoln described… Read more
Abraham and Mary Todd Lincoln
mary todd lincoln
Mary Todd Lincoln was an original. “Mrs Lincoln is like no human being I ever saw. She is not easy to get along with, though I succeed…” Read more
Abraham Lincoln’s Secretaries
No one had a better vantage point to observe President Abraham Lincoln than his two principle secretaries… Read more
Lincoln and George B. McClellan
General George B. McClellan made a good first impression. He was also a striking contrast to… Read more
Abraham Lincoln’s Sons
Mr. Lincoln was at the State Capitol where he normally met with visitors, but this day he was alone with Tad and Willie, who were… Read more
Lincoln and William H. Seward
William H. Seward, President Abraham Lincoln’s first and only secretary of state, was a force of political… Read more
Abraham Lincoln and The Radicals
As a group, the Republican Radicals in Congress lacked the sense of humor that Abraham Lincoln had in… Read more
Abraham Lincoln and Edwin Stanton
War Department official Aide Charles Dana wrote that Secretary of War Edwin M. Stanton was, “impulsive, warm-blooded, very quick in…” Read more
Abraham Lincoln and Women
Lincoln’s relationships with women were unsure and uneven – especially in his youth. He had not been schooled in social graces so he was not… Read more
Lincoln and Alexander H. Stephens
In June 1863, Alexander H. Stephens urged Jefferson Davis to open negotiations with the Union government regarding the exchange of… Read more
Lincoln and William H. Herndon
Like Lincoln, Herndon came from a Kentucky family; they were better off financially, and Herndon had a better… Read more


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