The Political Gymnasium

The Political Gymnasium


Title: The Political Gymnasium

Year: 1860

Creator: Louis Maurer, Currier and Ives, New York

The people in this cartoon are Edward Everett, John Bell, Horace Greeley, James W. Webb, Abraham Lincoln, Stephen A. Douglas, John C. Breckinridge, and William H. Seward. Greeley swings from a bar labeled “Nom. for Governor” while Lincoln climbs on a rail labeled “For President.” They are saying:
Everett: “There is nothing like having the Constitution to give us strength to put up this Bell successfully.” Bell: “I have perfect confidence in Mr. Everett’s ability to uphold me.”
Greeley: “I’ve been practising at it a long time, but can never get up muscle enough to get astride of this bar.”
Lincoln: “You must do as I did Geeley, get somebody to give you a boost. I’m sure I never could have got up here by my own efforts.”
Webb: “I’ll bet a quarter I can beat any man in the party at turning political summersets.”
Douglas: “Come at me Breck, and after you cry enough I’ll take a round with the rest of them.”
Breckinridge: “If I do nothing else I can at least prevent you from pulling Lincoln down.”
Seward: “You’d better be careful my friend, that you don’t tumble off as I did before I was fairly on, for if you do, you’ll be as badly crippled as I am.”