“Rowdy” Notions of Emancipation

“Rowdy” Notions of Emancipation

Title: “Rowdy” Notions of Emancipation

Year: 1863

Creator: John Tenniel, Punch

“The mob on the corner, below my house, had hung up a negro to the lamp post. In mockery, a cigar was placed in his mouth. For hours these scared negros poured up Twenty-Seventh Street, passing my house. One old negro, 70 years old, blind as a bat, and such a cripple that he could hardly move, was led along by his equally aged wife with a few rags they had saved, trembling with fright, and not knowing where to go.” –Manhattan’s Letter in the Standard, July 30th.
The New York City Draft Riots occurred July 13-16.

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