Right at Last

Right at Last


Title: Right at Last

Year: 1863

Creator: John McLenan, Frank Leslie’s Illustrated Newspaper

Description: New York Tribune editor was frequently critical of President Lincoln’s handling of the war and promoting new generals. The names of previous commanders of the Army of the Potomac – George B. McClellan, John Pope, and Joseph Hooker. On the wall is a sign: “Greeley Weed & Co: Wholesaler Jobbers in Brooms and other Stocks: McLellan (sic), Pope, Burnside, Hooker “ Greeley’s bust sits on President Lincoln’s desk as he wields a new broom, Ulysses S. Grant, whose appointment as general-in-chief was nearly nine months in the future.
The President says: “Greeley be hanged! I want no more new brooms. I begin to think that the worst thing about my old ones was not being handled right.”