Lincoln’s Student Research Topics

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Lincoln’s Student Research Topics

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[su_tab title=”Lincoln and Friends”]Mr. Lincoln and Friends reviews the many men and a few women whose friendships helped determine Mr. Lincoln’s political progress and success in the state capital in Springfield, Illinois and the nation’s capital in Washington, D.C.

Overall Topics:

  • Why was patronage crucial?
  • How did Mr. Lincoln use humor to manage people?
  • How did Mr. Lincoln’s sensitivity toward cruelty of any kind influence his personal and political life?

Friends: Generals

  • What troubles did conflict between political generals and West-Point-trained officers cause President Lincoln?

Friends: Journalists

  • Compare Mr. Lincoln’s relations with journalists in Illinois before the Civil War with journalists in Washington during the Civil War
  • How did Mr. Lincoln seek to influence the press before he became President?

Friends: Women

  • Why didn’t women play a more prominent part in the political advancement of Mr. Lincoln?

Friends: Boys

  • What role did Mr. Lincoln’s physical strength and love of sports play in his political advancement?


[su_tab title=”Lincoln and Freedom”]Mr. Lincoln and Freedom details the progress of Mr. Lincoln’s opposition to slavery from his years in the Illinois State Legislature to the passage of the Thirteenth Amendment abolishing slavery:

  • How did the Gettysburg Address define Mr. Lincoln’s political beliefs and his presidency
  • Describe the consistency (or lack of consistency) in Mr. Lincoln’s positions on slavery throughout the 1850s.
  • Why was public opinion a critical factor in determining Mr. Lincoln’s policies on emancipation and slavery?
  • How did Mr. Lincoln handle his Republican critics?
  • What was it not OK for Generals John C. Fremont and David Hunter to issue orders of emancipation and it was OK for President Lincoln to issue the draft emancipation?


[su_tab title=”Lincoln and New York”]Mr. Lincoln and New York appraises how the center of political, media and economic power in 19th century America interacted with, supported and tormented Mr. Lincoln both before and during his Presidency:

  • Why were the opinions of New York journalists and politicians so important to support?
  • How did President Lincoln seek to use New York Democrats for his political advantage?


[su_tab title=”Lincoln’s White House”]Mr. Lincoln’s White House examines the people and events who worked with President Lincoln in Washington during the tumultuous years of the Civil War:

  • What did people expect of Mr. Lincoln when they visited him in the White House?
  • Who was the most influential member of Mr. Lincoln’s Cabinet
  • Which Republicans or Republican faction provided the most cultural support for Mr. Lincoln’s war policies?
  • How did President Lincoln’s Secretaries seek to promote their agenda?
  • How did Mr. Lincoln handle the Cabinet and the conflict which Cabinet members had with him and each other?


[su_tab title=”Lincoln and the Founders”]Mr. Lincoln and the Founders examines the impact of the Founders, the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution on Mr. Lincoln’s life, political thinking and political actions in the 1850s and 1860s:

  • What role did the Declaration of Independence play in Mr. Lincoln’s positions on slavery in the 1850s.