Daily Story Page – Doctor and his Practice

Daily Story

Lincoln was much amused at this story, which he used to tell: In 1858 he had an appointment in Cumberland county, and after he had spoken, a Dr. Hamburgher (a bitter Democrat) impudently jumped up and said he would reply. So Lincoln took a seat on the outer edge of the plank seats and listened.

Hamburgher presented go violent and insulting, when a little, insignificant looking, lame man limped up to Lincoln and said: “Don’t mind him; I know him; I live here; I’ll take care of him; watch me”; and two or three times he circulated around to Lincoln and repeated the admonition. When Hamburgher concluded, the little lame man was on the platform and at once commenced a reply, and had proceeded but a short when Hamburgher roared out: “That’s a lie.” “Never mind,” retorted the lame man, patronizingly, “I’ll take that from YOU–in fact, I’ll take anything from you, except your pills.” This cut the doctor to the raw. “You scoundrel,” exclaimed he, “you know I’ve quit practicing medicine.” The little man instantly dropped down on his sound knee, and, raising his hands in mock worship, exclaimed: “Then, thank God! The country is safe.”

Henry Clay Whitney, Life on the Circuit with Lincoln, p. 179.