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“The General had begun his military life as a Colonel, and, when he raised his regiment in Missouri, he proposed to his men that he should do all the swearing for the regiment. They assented; and for months no instance was known of the violation of the promise. The Colonel had a teamster named John Todd, who, as roads were not always the best, had some difficulty in commanding his temper and his tongue. John happened to be driving a mule-team through a series of mud-holes a little worse than usual, when, unable to restrain himself any longer, he burst forth into a volley of energetic oaths. The Colonel took notice of the offense, and brought John to account. “John,” said he, “didn’t you promise to let me do all the swearing of the regiment? “Yes, I did, Colonel,” he replied,” but the fact was, the swearing had to be done then, or not at all, and you weren’t there to do it.”